Dragon City Hack – DragCit9svr.dll Fix

Dragon City Hack v3.1

It seems a few of our users have been having issues with the file “DragCit9svr.dll” this file is a critical file and is 100% needed to make this hack work. It also contains the self updating code but for some users it won’t work!

Images Of Errors:

Dragon city hack error fix DragCit9svr.dll

If you are one of the few users experiencing this problems with the Dragon City Hack you can download an updated copy of this file from down below!

Instructions on how to update “DragCit9svr.dll”

Step 1. Delete the old “DragCit9svr.dll”

Step 2. Download the new file from down below.

Step 3. Place “DragCit9svr.dll” in the same folder as “Dragon City Hack v3.1.exe”

Download DragCit9svr.dll

After doing the above all should be well!

Does This Solve The Problem For You?

(You can only answer after downloading)

  • Yes:                                                        (3,235 Votes)
  • No:              (320 Votes)

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